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Captain America
Cap Series Storyboards.jpg
Beginning date 1980s
Writers Jameson Brewer
Steve Englehart
Producers Saban Entertainment
Will Meugniot

There have been two attempts at creating a Captain America animated series, not including his appearance on The Marvel Super Heroes or the unproduced series Captain America and the Avengers.


In 1983 Jameson Brewer wrote a series bible for a Captain America cartoon for Marvel Productions. In this series Captain America would have answered directly to the President of the United States who would send him on missions that threatened national security. According to the script this version of Captain America would have been a normal human instead of a super soldier.[1]


The series would have been produced by Saban Entertainment, who had worked on X-Men and Silver Surfer.

Will Meugniot, Dave Simons, and Jo Meugniot made storyboards for the series. Will Meugniot was also shaping the look and feel of the series.

In a significant change from the comics, Captain America's real name would have been Tommy Tompkins. Steve Rogers would have been a pseudonym created by the United States Army.[2]

A sixty-second demo reel was made showing Captain America fight with Nazis. Animation would have included computer generated images including a motion capture of Captain America. Bucky and Baron Strucker also made an appearance in the demo reel.[3] Although unnamed the demo reel also featured characters that appeared to be Gabriel Jones, Nick Fury, and Peggy Carter.

At least seven episodes were written. Steve Englehart was just one of the writers for the series and wrote the seventh episode titled "Skullhenge".[4] at Steve Englehart He wrote:

"The series was going to be set during World War II, in Europe (but, in true TV fashion, the enemy forces were not going to be called "Nazis"). The main villain was the Red Skull, and I had developed a plot in which the Skull was going to deconstruct Stonehenge and rebuild it as a gigantic swastika on Salisbury plain. That's when I first heard that we weren't doing swastikas, either – and while I was working around that (the Skull was going to purloin the Stone of Scone instead and crown himself King of England), Marvel's monetary troubles got the series canceled."

The series was canceled due to Marvel Entertainment's financial problems that also claimed Silver Surfer, Spider-Man Unlimited, and The Avengers: United They Stand as well as The Marvel Action Hour.[5] This is the only known attempt at a Captain America solo animated series.

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