Captain America
Captain America 1966
Real Name Steve Rogers
Alternate Identity Captain America
Powers and Abilities Enhanced Strength, Speed, and Durability
Team Affiliations Avengers
Allies Bucky Barnes
Peggy Carter
Rick Jones
Sharon Carter
Captain America is from the Non MAU series The Marvel Super Heroes.

Steve Rogers is a superhero known as Captain America.


Operation: Rebirth

Steve Rogers was a frail and weak man. Steve wanted to enlist in the military to help fight the Nazis. However, Steve could not be accepted into the military because of his frailties. Because of this, Steve Rogers was chosen to be the first test subject in a military experiment to create super soldiers for the Allied Forces. Steve was taken to a secret laboratory where he met Abraham Erskine, the creator of the super soldier serum. Erskine gave Steve the serum and he drank it. The serum increased Steve's muscle mass and turned him into a super soldier. However, a Nazi spy came into the laboratory and shot and killed Dr. Erskine. The spy attempted to get away from Steve and accidentally ran into some equipment that exploded and killed him.

World War II

Shortly after going through Operation: Rebirth, Steve Rogers donned a red, white, and blue costume, and a shield, and took the code name, Captain America. As Captain America, Steve fought Nazi spies operating on U.S. soil. During the war, Steve was stationed at Camp Lehigh where he met the camp's mascot, Bucky Barnes. One night at Camp Lehigh, Steve was in his tent changing into his Captain America costume. While changing, Buck walked in and learned that Steve was Captain America. Steve then made Bucky his partner.

A short time later Captain America met the Red Skull when he attempted to assassinate several high ranking army officials. Captain America was able to stop Red Skull's attempted assassinations, but Red Skull once again got away. Captain America would fight Red Skull several more times during the war.

Sometime during the war, Captain America met and fell in love with a member of the French Resistance named Peggy Carter. However, Cap and Peggy were separated after going on different missions and never saw each other again.

Captain America later tracked down Red Skull to his secret bunker. While in the bunker, Red Skull was about to throw a grenade at Captain America. However, Captain America used his shield to knock the grenade out of Red Skull's hands. As the grenade exploded it caused a cave-in and trapped Red Skull under some rubble. However, before Red Skull died he gave Captain America a message saying that twenty years from now the Sleepers would awake to finish his work.

In 1945, close to the end of the war, Captain America and Bucky were stationed in Greenland. Baron Zemo had launched a missile. Both Captain America and Bucky jumped onto the missile to stop it. Captain America was unable to hold on and fell into the ocean. Cap then saw the missile explode in the sky and knew that Bucky had died. Captain America then fell into the ocean where his body froze which kept him in suspended animation.

Modern day

Twenty years later Captain America was found by the Avengers and was thawed out of the ice. Captain America was invited to join the Avengers which he accepted. As Captain America wandered around New York City he saw how much the world had changed and began to feel like an outsider. The Avengers were then turned into stone by a criminal named Vuk. Captain America tracked down Vuk and defeated him and then revived the Avengers.

Baron Zemo later discovered that Captain America was still alive and formed the Masters of Evil to fight him and the Avengers. The Masters of Evil were able to beat the Avengers and shortly afterward Zemo arrived. Captain America was secretly able to switch Zemo's canisters of Adhesive X with a dissolving agent and the Masters of Evil sprayed it all over the city which freed those that were already stuck by Adhesive X. The Avengers then defeated the Masters of Evil. Baron Zemo was all that remained and Captain America confronted him. Zemo realized he was defeated and tried to flee. However, Thor used Mjolnir to create a vortex and sucked Zemo into it.

Baron Zemo reared his head again and had Rick Jones kidnapped and brought to his lair to lure Captain America into a trap. When Captain America arrived in South America he had to fight through Baron Zemo's army. Captain America then fought Baron Zemo himself. Captain America used his shield to reflect the sun's light into Zemo's eyes. While Zemo was blinded by the sunlight he accidentally fired his laser gun at the rock wall behind him. The laser caused several rocks to break free and they fell on Zemo and killed him.

When the original members of the Avengers left the team, Captain America led a new version of the Avengers that consisted of Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, and Hawkeye. At one point Captain America considered retiring and quitting the Avengers but ended up deciding not too.

Twenty years after World War II ended, Nazi sleeper agents activated the Sleeper just as Red Skull said they would. The Sleeper robot was extremely powerful and went on a rampage through Germany. Captain America eventually discovered that the Sleeper was carrying a giant bomb and that it was going to use the bomb to destroy Earth. However, Captain America was able to stop the Sleeper.

Despite what Captain America had believed, Red Skull had actually survived their last encounter and was placed in suspended animation. In the present Red Skull's body was found by A.I.M. and they revived him. Red Skull then began to work for A.I.M. and tried to find a way to kill Captain America. Captain America eventually learned that Red Skull was still alive and tracked him to an island. When Cap got to the island he tried to capture the Red Skull. However, Red Skull was able to knock Cap out with gas. A short while later Captain America awoke and saw that Red Skull had a weapon called the Cosmic Cube and that it could alter reality in any way that the person that held it could imagine. As Red Skull was about to use the Cosmic Cube to send Captain America into another dimension, Captain America begged the Red Skull to let him serve him. However, when Red Skull let his guard down Captain America tackled him. Captain America was able to knock the Cosmic Cube out of Red Skull's hands and it fell off a cliff and into the ocean. Red Skull dived in after the Cube. However, there was a rock slide and Red Skull was crushed by the falling rocks.


Captain America was voiced by Sandy Becker. Arthur Pierce played the character in the live-action segments.

This is the first animated version of the character.

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