Captain America
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Alternate Identity Captain America
Powers and Abilities Shapeshifting
Captain America's Shield
Team Affiliations Skrulls
Captain America (Skrull) is from the Yost Universe series The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

The unnamed Skrull was an infiltrator who replaced Captain America to become a member of the Avengers. His plan was to weaken Earth's forces for the invasion.


He was sent to Earth to spy on the Avengers and other elements. He was able to without suspicion from the Avengers.

Later, he fought the Kree and because of his extreme hatred for them acted differently. However neither the Kree or the humans noticed of such behavior. He was at a warehouse and used a communicator. He then said "We have to move up our timetable, the Kree are coming".

Later, he left the Avengers Mansion, telling Iron Man that he will search for his old World War II buddies.

Avengers Leadership

The skrull celebrated the welcome party of Carol in the Avengers as Ms. Marvel. When Carol wondered who was protecting the mansion, Steve replied that Hulk was on monitor duty, while Black Panther is watching him. After Ms. Marvel explained her occupation in the military, Griffin came by outside the pizza place, he alongside Wasp, Hawkeye and Ms. Marvel went after the beast.

He used his motorcycle to go after him. He threw his shield at him, making him fly towards the sky to let it be attacked by Hawkeye, Wasp and Ms. Marvel. After Gryffon landed in a park fighting against Ms. Marvel, who was trying to fend the beast alone. He arrived at the scene, telling Wasp and Hawkeye that in his time that it was worse. He arrived in the mansion along with the others, where they were approached by Iron Man. He suspected that there was a skrull among them and accused of Hawkeye of being one. After Hawkeye was backed up Hulk they fought against Ms. Marvel and Iron Man, Captain America saved Iron Man and Hawkeye from each other and made them stop the fight. After Iron Man, Ms. Marvel and Black Panther left the team, Captain America convinced Hawkeye and Hulk staying alongside the Wasp and they became as the remaining Avengers, with himself becoming the leader.

Later that night, Captain America entered a warehouse. He changed back to his Skrull form and approached the Veranke, who was pretending to be Mockingbird, telling the plan went as well as it was written.


During the final assault of the Skrulls, he sent the Avengers to Washington, D.C., telling that another Skrull ship landed in the White House. But before arriving, the Quinjet gets attacked and makes and crash landing in the Reflecting Pool. When they get out, twelve Super-Skrulls ambush them.

Eventually, the Avengers fell, but not without realizing that Captain America was the Skrull. In a fit of anger, Hawkeye sprints to the imposter to try to kill him, but only gets electrocuted by Thor-like Super-Skrull. One of the Super-Skrulls takes a cameraman and the imposter Captain America orders him to film what he´s about to say, the Skrull used his appearance and respect as Cap to influence the inhabitants of the Earth to surrender, tells the world that the Skrulls are the good guys that want to help them.

When the real Steve Rogers arrived to Washington, D.C. along other impersonated humans who escaped from the Skrull ship, he fiercely fought Rogers and lost in hand to hand combat and also destroying the energy shield. When the Skrulls were finally defeated, he was, along Veranke and the Super-Skrulls, incarcerated in the Prison 42.

Powers and Abilities

It seems that he has the same abilities of the real Captain America. He can shapeshift into any person he desires to choose. He is also shown to be adept in hand-to-hand combat. He was able to dodge the laser attacks of the Doombot He took down three Kree guards with his energy shield without being hit once. He jumped on Crimson Dynamo's armored hand while shielding himself from Dynamo's laser bullets.

He possesses a holographic energy shield that works like the real Captain America's unique iron alloy shield.


As a Skrull warrior, he is not as "by the books" as Captain America, saying things such as "Avengers attack!" when the Kree are presented. He violently attacks them showing the Skrull hatred for the Kree. Also when Baron Zemo counted on Captain America's code of honor to save him from the Enchantress but was betrayed.


The skrull was voiced by Brian Bloom.

First version of the character outside the comics.

The costume that the skrull changes to is based on the Ultimate version of Captain America.

The energy shield is based on the shield Captain America's son uses in Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow.

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