Captain America
Real Name Steve Rogers
Alternate Identity Captain America
Powers and Abilities Captain America's Shield
Enhanced Agility and Strength
Team Affiliations Avengers
Allies Spider-Man
Captain America is from the Non MAU series Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers.

Captain America is a superhero and current leader of the Avengers.


A World War II veteran and super soldier, Steven Rogers, otherwise known as Captain America, is a member of the Avengers. He was present for Tony Stark's unveiling of the DISK system. After a sudden attack by Loki, Steve and the other superheroes present attempt to fight back, but through overwhelming numbers and the use of hostages, Loki's forces win out. Steve and the majority of the collected heroes are then interred in DISKs.

Spider-Man gives Captain America's DISK to Chris Taylor, and when Hulk, under secretive alchemic mind control from Diablo, goes on a destructive rampage, managing to even defeat Iron Man and Thor, Chris finally releases Cap to stand and face Hulk.

Captain America begins to face Hulk, still on a rampage from Diablo's alchemic control, and starts by playing defense with his vibranium shield to gauge the situation. After forcing Hulk to tire himself out, Captain America goes from playing defense to outwitting Hulk to forcing him into a test of endurance, which Hulk loses.

During the battle at the villains' frigate, Captain America and Thor join Iron Man and Hulk, and thanks to some learned trickery Jessica brings Wasp back into the mix after she finally gets her DISK back from Riley. With the heroes, villains, and their DISK-controlling partners all lined up for battle, Captain America finishes the episode with the iconic battle cry, "Avengers Assemble!".

Captain America and Iron Man join forces to defeat King Cobra, and when Stark's time out of the DISK ends, he joins forces with the Hulk to fight the Abomination. Seeing the need to retreat, Loki orders Abomination to sink the frigate, and then retreat. Jessica and Ed manage to capture a defeated Whirlwind, Diablo, and King Cobra while Captain America, Hulk, and Wasp try to find Spider-Man before the frigate sinks.

Spider-Man, after being knocked out by the group of villains, wakes up to find the Avengers carrying him out of the ship. Later, while the team is having a celebration, Senator Robert closes in on Stark's penthouse in New York City with a new warrant for either registration or arrest. However, the team is safely in one of Stark's Japan penthouses instead. Captain America offers Hawkeye to join the team, and he declines due to his determination to take the corruption out of S.H.I.E.L.D..


He always puts duty and the mission above everything else, and has a tendency to takes things too seriously.


Captain America is voiced by Kazuhiro Nakaya in Japanese and Roger Craig Smith in the English dub.

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