Captain America
Real Name Steve Rogers
Alternate Identity Captain America
Powers and Abilities Captain America's Shield, Enhanced Strength, Durability, and Agility
Team Affiliations Avengers

Captain America is the alternate universe counterpart to Steve Rogers.


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Captain America fought in World War II. He even went on a mission with Wolverine to fight Red Skull.

While he was trapped, a time traveler appeared at one point and killed a man named Charles Xavier.

Through means unknown, this Captain America was freed from the Red Skull's trap. However, he awoke to find the world ravaged by a war between mutants and humans as there was never anyone who led the mutants in peace. He chose to abandon his iconic American themed uniformed for one of grey, red, and gold.

He led the Avengers consisting of Iron Man, Giant Man, Wasp, Black Widow, Spider-Man, and Hercules. Together they battled the X-Men led by Magneto.

During the battle, two more time travellers, Bishop and Shard, appeared on the battlefield. They took Wolverine and Storm with them as they jumped to another time.


Captain America's appearance was merely a cameo with no speaking part.

In the Comics

Apparently, there is no Captain America in the Age of Apocalypse universe (a backup text in Universe-X implies that he's still frozen). He does exist in a What If? version where he leads the Defenders along with Wolverine, Sauron, Captain Britain, Brother Voodoo, Colossus, The Thing, Molecule Man, and Nate Summers.

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