Captain America's Shield
Captain America Shield NAHT
Real Name Captain America's Shield
Powers and Abilities Nearly indestructible, Can be thrown like a disc
Team Affiliations Avengers
Iron Avengers
Allies Captain America, Iron Captain America, James Rogers
Captain America's Shield is from the Non MAU video Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow.
Physical Therapy
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Captain America's Shield is the primary weapon used by Captain America. It was seemingly indestructible and could be thrown like a disc in addition to defensive uses. However, the shield was heavily damaged when Ultron attacked the Avengers and cracked in many places. After Cap's death it was placed in its Trophy Room in the Ultra City Citadel. James Rogers came across it when he and the other Avengers children found the trophy room. After the Scavengers damaged the shield of Iron Captain America Ultron had the robot use the real Cap's shield. It used it to attack James in the desert but James took it and used it to destroy Iron Cap and Iron Black Widow. James attacked Ultron with it and used the shield to protect himself against Ultron's unibeam.


The shield does not seem to be a strong as it is in the comics. In the comics, it is made of a vibranium-adamantium blend and is indestructible except for those incredibly powerful such as Thanos, Beyonder, or a Thor imbued with the power of the Allfather. Here, it was damaged by Ultron. Though it could have found some way to damage the shield but just not used it when James had the shield.

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