Callisto XME.jpg
Alternate Identity Callisto
Powers and Abilities Enhanced senses
Team Affiliations Morlocks
Allies X-Men
Callisto is from the Non MAU series X-Men: Evolution.

Callisto is a mutant and the leader of the Morlocks.


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Callisto first emerged when sabotaging a company whose beverage was leaking into the sewers and was poisonous to mutants. She later helped against anti-mutant thugs where using laser technology to attack the X-Men, Spyke, and Leech.

Powers and Abilities




Callisto is voiced by Saffron Henderson.

In the Comics

She tends to be more violent-oriented, while the series portrays her as more of the voice of reason.

She battled Storm for leadership of the Morlocks and lost, though eventually got it back.

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