Caiera Warbound PH.jpg
Real Name Caiera
Powers and Abilities Oldstrong: Increased Strength and Durability, Immunity to Spikes
Team Affiliations Warbound
Sakaar Native
Caiera is from the Non MAU video Planet Hulk.

Caiera is a native of the planet Sakaar.


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She grew up in An-Sara until the Spikes invaded. She was forced to kill her mother, father, and sister where she learned she had the power of the Oldstrong. She was rescued by the Red King and his Death's Head Guards. She then pledged to serve him as his "shadow."

One day at a gladiator games a creature called the Hulk defeated the Great Devil Corker with one punch. He then tried to attack Red King but Caiera fought him instead. Hulk and his fellow Warbound then defeated the Wildebots and the Eggbreaker. Concerned that their success would make people doubt her king, she took Hulk to a large pit of lava and told him of the Red King's heroism during the Spike War. She offered to let the Warbound go if they would not attack her king. Hulk doubted Red King and returned to his cell.

Then the Warbound fought and defeated Beta Ray Bill. Bill was then able to free the other gladiators and slaves and chaos started. Caiera defended her king until they got him out of the coliseum. Later Red King ordered her to track down and kill Hulk. She followed him to Prophet Rock where they fought. She revealed that she had great respect for him, until Hulk claimed he didn't need any friends.

When the Spikes returned Caiera went off to An-Sara to help fight. She saved a young girl that reminded her of her sister. Then Red King told her through a hologram that he created the Spikes and sent them out to gain power. He then dropped a Death Fire Bomb on the city destroying the Spikes and anyone else caught outside. Caiera was spared because of her Oldstrong powers, but the girl was burnt to ashes. Then she found that Hulk had been caught in the blast. Red King appeared again to order that his body be paraded through the streets.

Caiera brought Hulk's body and the Warbound to the Royal Palace. Hulk then stood up revealing it was all a trick. Caiera joined the Warbound and fought the palace guards. After Hulk beat Red King she used a surviving Spike spore to infect her former king. He was then killed by his own guards.

Caiera and Hulk began a romantic relationship as rulers of Sakaar.


Caiera was voiced by Lisa Ann Beley.

In the Comics

Caiera was kidnapped by Red King and forced to serve him at a young age rather than willingly joining him like in the video.

After the defeat of Red King, Caiera carries Hulk's child until her death in the explosion of the S.H.I.E.L.D Space Shuttle.

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