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Bruce Banner
Bruce Banner.jpg
Real Name Robert Bruce Banner
Alternate Identity Hulk
Grey Hulk
Dark Hulk
Powers and Abilities Transforms into Hulk (Incredible Strength and Durability, Healing Factor)
Team Affiliations Avengers
Allies Doc Samson
Ghost Rider
War Machine
Iron Man
Doctor Strange
Fantastic Four
Donald Blake
Family and Friends Jennifer Walters (Cousin)
Mr. Walters (Uncle)
Mrs. Walters (Aunt)
Betty Ross (Wife)
Rick Jones
For other uses of Bruce Banner, see Hulk (Disambiguation).

Robert Bruce Banner is a brilliant scientist and the expert in the field of gamma radiation. His experiments led him to the creation of his superhero alter-ego Hulk.


Bruce was working along with Stark Enterprises when he created the Gamma Bomb. When he saw Rick Jones in the testing area, Bruce saved his life but got caught in the gamma blast. This incident created the Hulk, who he would transform into whenever he got angry. Hulk is a separate personality and the two grew to hate each other.

After this incident, Bruce and Rick became friends and Rick helped Bruce whenever he could.

While searching for a cure Bruce fell in love with Betty Ross while fighting her father General Thaddeus Ross, Major Glenn Talbot, Agent Gabriel Jones, Leader, Gargoyle, and even Mandarin.


Bruce is very intelligent, brilliant and bright person who has huge knowledge about science. While he is mostly very serious, he can be sometimes ironic and cheerful. He loves Betty Ross very much and is willing to marry her, but he is often forced to stay away from her since he deeply cares about her safety. He also loves his cousin, Jennifer, whom he treats as if she was his sister. He always tries to maintain good relationships with his friends, like Rick Jones and Walter Langkowski. Even though he strongly hates his alter ego, Hulk, it is later revealed that he actually understands him and feels sorry for him. Initially he desperately tries to cure himself of becoming the Hulk but gradually gets used to it. Eventually he gives up on trying to cure himself.


Bruce was voiced by Ron Perlman on Iron Man and Fantastic Four and Neal McDonough on The Incredible Hulk.

In the second season his hairstyle and clothes were redesigned.

In the Comics

Bruce was in charge of a Gamma Bomb that, when it exploded, made him into Hulk. It was changed into a gamma reactor for the series presumably because the Cold War was over and there was no reason for a new model bomb.

Bruce initially transformed into an intelligent Grey Hulk, and could only do so at night. It was printing issues that forced the comics to make him green and with it his brutish personality.

Hulk is a founding member of the Avengers along with Iron Man, Wasp, Ant-Man, and Thor.

Hulk is also a founding member of the Defenders. On Spider-Man, he is stated to be the only known member.

Bruce once managed to merge his mind with Hulk's body forming a version dubbed Professor Hulk.

When Grey Hulk reemerged, he was able to take over all the time. He became a mob enforcer in Las Vegas using the name Mr. Fixit. At some point during this time, Mr. Fixit became associated with Wolverine using the alias Patch. Eventually Bruce began to emerge. They started leaving messages to each other until Green Hulk returned.

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