Bruce Banner
Bruce Banner
Real Name Bruce Banner
Alternate Identity Hulk
Grey Hulk
Dark Hulk
Powers and Abilities Transforms into Hulk (Incredible Strength and Durability, Healing Factor)
Team Affiliations Avengers
Allies Doc Samson
Ghost Rider
War Machine
Iron Man
Doctor Strange
Fantastic Four
Donald Blake
Family and Friends Jennifer Walters (Cousin)
Mr. Walters (Uncle)
Mrs. Walters (Aunt)
Betty Ross (Wife)
Rick Jones
For other uses of Bruce Banner, see Hulk (Disambiguation).

Bruce Banner is a brilliant scientist and the expert in the field of gamma radiation. His experiments led him to the creation of his superhero alter-ego Hulk.


Bruce was working along with Stark Enterprises when he created the Gamma Bomb. When he saw Rick Jones in the testing area, Bruce saved his life but got caught in the gamma blast. This created the Hulk, who he would transform into whenever he got angry. Hulk is a separate personality and the two grew to hate each other.

After this incident, Bruce and Rick became friends and Rick helped Bruce whenever he could.

While searching for a cure Bruce fell in love with Betty Ross while fighting her father General Thaddeus Ross, Major Glenn Talbot, Agent Gabriel Jones, Leader, Gargoyle, and even Mandarin.


Bruce was voiced by Ron Perlman on Iron Man and Fantastic Four and Neal McDonough on The Incredible Hulk.

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