Brotherhood of Mutants
Brotherhood of Mutants XME
Members Avalanche
Scarlet Witch
Former Members Magneto
Boom Boom
Brother of Mutants is from the Non MAU series X-Men: Evolution.

The Brotherhood of Mutants, also called the Brotherhood of Bayville, is a team of mutants from Bayville High School. Opposed to the X-Men, the Brotherhood sought to further their own personal interests. Though they were guided by Mystique who took orders from Magneto, until he betrayed her.


Former Memebers

  • Rogue - Manipulated into joining by Mystique. Left to join the X-Men when she discovered the truth about Mystique.
  • Boom Boom - Joined the team after she left the X-Men. Got kicked out by Mystique when she returned.
  • Magneto - Arranged to have the team formed. Abandoned the team after the disaster of Asteroid M and formed the Acolytes. Had his son lead the team but abandoned them again after the defeat of Apocalypse.
  • Mystique - Formed the initial team. Gave up the leadership after the defeat of Apocalypse.


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The Brotherhood was formed under the guidance of Mystique by order of Magneto. He sought to use them to determine who would be most suited to join him on Asteroid M. Rogue joined thinking the X-Men were out to get her, but she eventually saw through the lies and joined the other team. The team occasionally combined forced with the X-Men to stop bigger threats, such as Juggernaut. When Mystique was thought dead after the events on Asteroid M, the Brotherhood went out on their own. Boom Boom joined until Mystique came back.

They eventually helped the Acolytes and X-Men fight against Apocalypse.


In the Comics

Mastermind, Destiny, Pyro, Havok, Charles Xavier, Sabretooth, Juggernaut, Sunspot, Cannonball, Wolfsbane have all joined the team. Forge, Multiple Man, Cyclops, and Wolverine have joined in alternate universes.

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