Bonnie is Angelica's classmate. She is a spoiled rich girl and a school bully who is enjoys tormented Angelica. She is voiced by Marilyn Schreffler.


File:Young Bonnie.jpg
In from the beginning When Angelica's powers started to mysteriously manifest themselves, it usually resulted in disaster (melting toys, snowmen, and setting off fire sprinklers), earning her the nickname "Miss Angelica Jinx."

Time has done nothing to dampen Bonnie's irrational hatred of Angelica. Conspiring with her boyfriend, Jay to steal the high school football trophy, and frame Angelica for it, they pull the caper off. All the planted evidence points to Angelica, so she is suspended from school.

Having a pretty good idea who really stole the trophy, Angelica uses her new powers and secretly follows Bonnie; uncovering her plans to plant the trophy in Angelica's locker, during the big football game, and then lead the school superintendent right to it. Angelica works fast and whips up a costume to match her powers.

The big game starts, and Bonnie leads the cheerleaders on the sidelines. Firestar swoops in, snatches her up, and then forces a confession out of her. The superintendent won't believe her, thinking the confession coerced.

Firestar flies off and grabs Jay, just as he's breaking into her locker. Jay confesses
and blames Bonnie; Firestar returns the trophy and flies off. Angelica is exonerated.

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