Bleecker Street Carnival
Bleecker Street Carnival SSM
Real Name Bleecker Street Carnival
Team Affiliations Halloween
Bleecker Street Carnival is from the Non MAU series The Spectacular Spider-Man.

The Bleecker Street Carnival is an annual event taking place on Halloween. The organizaers close off Bleecker Street and allow guests to have a safe time on the day.


Bleecker Costumes SSM

The carnival is a large festival where people can come to celebrate Halloween safely and support local groups. Those running the event get a section of Bleecker Street closed off, set up booths, and have various decorations. They had large ghost, cat, and Jack-o'-Lantern decorations hanging from the buildings and lights as well as hay and scarecrows on the ground.

They had a pumpkin carving contest and gave the first prize ribbon to a particularly gruesome looking face. They displayed the entries on a long table for guests to admire.

The night before Halloween, Spider-Man swung by the street. He commented about how quiet the city was even with Green Goblin around. He then made a web hammock for himself and stared at the sky.

Midtown Manhattan Magnet High School set up a booth where Sally Avril as a genie, Liz Allen as a pirate, and Glory Grant as a cheetah worked. They sold pumpkin-shaped cookies to support the school. Liz was the quickest to thank others for their support, but often forgot to use a pirate accent.

Black Cat went to the carnival in her outfit and possibly stole something, or else had a bag with the dollar symbol on it as part of her "costume."

MJ Meets Gwen SSM

Both Gwen Stacy and Mary Jane Watson went to the carnival looking to talk to Peter Parker. Gwen, without any costume, wanted to talk about Harry. Mary Jane, dressed as a vampire, wanted to tell Peter that she would be going to school with them as she had been accepted by the Midtown Theater Magnet.

Midtown Cheerleaders Halloween SSM

The midtown football team went to the carnival dressed as cheerleaders due to a bet they lost. Flash Thompson, Randy Robertson, Kenny Kong, and Hobie Brown all went, but Harry Osborn never showed up. They performed a cheer and formed a pyramid with the people watching them. The actual Midtown cheerleaders got excited until Sally realized they were making fun on them.

Flash tried to get Mary Jane to go out with him, since he had broken up with Liz, but while she flirted with him she refused. She did not want to be a replacement girlfriend and liked being single.

MJ Liz Like Spider-Peter SSM

Peter arrived in his Spider-Man outfit but was spotted by Gwen. He quickly covered himself by pretending it was merely a costume. When the others saw him, Mary Jane and Liz liked how he looked in it but Flash claimed he didn't look anything like the "real" hero.

Bleecker Fireworks SSM

A fireworks show started. The crowd enjoyed the show. However, Peter knew that it was the Green Goblin's signal when several began forming Jack-o'-Lanterns.

Eventually the carnival ended and everyone went home.


Bleecker Street is a real location in New York City and does have festivals and carnivals. The comics has used Bleecker Street, and had Spider-Man go there, but never having any particular connection to Halloween.

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