Alternate Identity Blacklash
Powers and Abilities Power armor, whip
Team Affiliations The Hand

Blacklash is a supervillain that served under the Mandarin.


Blacklash was recruited by the Mandarin along with MODOK, Whirlwind, Dreadknight, Hypnotia, Grey Gargoyle, and Blizzard. Together they fought Iron Man and Force Works several times.

Blacklash, Dreadknight, Grey Gargoyle, and Whirlwind waited by the Russian submarine Prometheus until Iron Man arrived. The four villains attacked until the rest of Force Works arrived. Then Fin Fang Foom came and defeated the heroes.


Courtesy of Justin Hammer Blacklash wears a power armor that uses Stark's technology. He has a whip that he uses to snatch his enemies.


Blacklash was voiced by James Avery and Dorian Harewood.

In the comics Blacklash's real name is Mark Scarlotti. He also goes under the name Whiplash. He uses neither in the series.

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