Black Tom
Black Tom
Real Name Tom Cassidy
Alternate Identity Black Tom
Powers and Abilities Channels Energy through Plants
Allies Juggernaut
Family and Friends Sean Cassidy (Brother)

Tom Cassidy is a mutant and the brother of fellow-mutant Sean Cassidy. As Black Tom, he is an associate of Juggernaut.


Black Tom and Juggernaut were hired by Eric the Red to capture Lilandra. Banshee guided the X-Men to the Cassidy family Cassidy Castle to which Tom and Juggernaut had taken Lilandra and the X-Men rescued her. He fled when Gladiator appeared.


Black Tom's voice actor was uncredited.

The first version of the character outside the comics. So far, the only animated version.

In the Comics

Tom is about the same age as Banshee and is his cousin.

He sent Juggernaut after Madame Web, who was stopped by Spider-Man.

He was shot by Cable and parts of his body had to be replaced with a wood-like substance, so he stopped using the cane to channel his power through his own wooden parts.

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