Black Panther
Black Panther TChaka UA2.jpg
T'Chaka as Black Panther
Real Name Black Panther
Alternate Identity T'Chaka
Powers and Abilities Enhanced Agility and Strength
Various Gadgets
Head Transforms into Panther
Team Affiliations Wakanda
Allies Avengers
Family and Friends Azzari the Wise (Father/Grandfather)
Black Panther is from the Ultimate Avengers Universe video Ultimate Avengers II.

Black Panther is a moniker used by the King of Wakanda. The king uses the title, gaining superhuman abilities, to protect the nation of Wakanda from threats.


Little is known about the development of the Black Panther persona. It is possible it was started by Azzari the Wise after Wakanda's encounter with the alien species the Chitauri.

T'Chaka had the mantle when Herr Kleiser returned to Earth. He battled the Chitauri leader but was killed in the process trying to protect his son.

T'Challa used the mantle to infiltrate the Triskelion. He spoke to Captain America and Nick Fury about finding a way to destroy Kleiser. Upon returning to his country, he found that the Avengers had followed. He secretly allowed Captain America into the city and explained to him the history of his nation and the Chitauri. After the Avengers were discovered, he ordered the team away but later saw them apparently killed. When the Chitauri Command Ship surrounded Earth, the still living Avengers arrived and helped Wakanda repel the invasion. With Captain America's help, Black Panther trapped Kleiser in vibranium.


T'Challa was voiced by Jeffrey D. Sams and T'Chaka was voiced by Dave Fennoy.

First adapted version to have the Black Panther mantle be passed along the royal line. The only previous version only had T'Challa take the title.

At the time Ultimate Avengers II was released, neither Black Panther nor Wakanda had been adapted into the Ultimate Marvel line meaning the characters and locations were more like the original 616 universe. When they were finally adapted they differed greatly than what was seen in the video.

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