Betty Ross
Betty Ross NAHT
Real Name Betty Ross
Team Affiliations Scavengers
Allies Avengers
Family and Friends Bruce Banner/Hulk (Boyfriend)
Betty Ross is from the Non MAU video Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow.
Physical Therapy
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Betty Ross is a powerless human who had befriended Bruce Banner. The two fell in love and she was the only one who could calm him down when he became the Hulk. She was in New York City when Ultron attacked and killed the Avengers. She joined the Scavengers under the leadership of Clint Barton, and after his death his son Francis Barton both of whom used the name Hawkeye. They all hid in Grand Central Station as Ultron built Ultra City above them. When James Rogers, Torunn, Azari, and Henry Pym, Jr. came to the city she took the head of Vision while they rescued Iron Man. She then told Tony that Bruce was alive and hiding in the desert. She joined them but he refused to help. When the Iron Avengers attacked she snuck away as the Iron Wasps attacked Bruce transforming him. She then calmed Hulk down before he could attack Pym. Hulk then picked her up and leapt away.


Betty Ross was voiced by Nicole Oliver.

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