Betty Ross
Betty Ross
Real Name Betty Ross
Alternate Identity Betty Banner
Team Affiliations Hulkbusters
Fashion Warriors
Allies Hulk
Rick Jones
Doc Samson
Donald Blake
Ghost Rider
Family and Friends Thaddeus Ross (Father)
Bruce Banner (Husband)
Jennifer Walters (Cousin-in-Law)

Betty Ross is a scientist and expert in gamma radiation. She worked closely with Bruce Banner and the two eventually fell in love.


However, he was caught in a gamma reactor and became the Hulk. Her father, Thaddeus Ross, set about trying to hunt and capture Hulk. She and Doc Samson worked on a cure while she tried to protect him from Gamma Base. She got sick with the Gamma Virus when she went to Detroit to help Dr. Donald Blake. She temporarily cured Bruce of the Hulk by separating the two and then was about to marry Bruce. However, Hulk became a raging beast with no intelligence. Later it turned out that both Bruce and Hulk were dying as a result of being separated so Bruce was forced to merge back with Hulk. Later she joined She-Hulk in a swimsuit fashion show and together with other fashion models stopped Ogress and Leader.


Betty Ross was voiced by Genie Francis in her first six appearances and then by Philece Sampler in all subsequent appearances.

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