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Beta Ray Bill
Real Name Beta Ray Bill
Powers and Abilities None (In the Illusion: Stormbreaker, Flight, Incredible Strength and Durability, Control over Lightning)
Allies Silver Surfer

Beta Ray Bill is a hero among his people and ally to Silver Surfer.


Bill was part of a society that spent their entire lives in a dream world. In this dream world, Bill became the people's champion and able to defeat anyone he came across with his hammer Stormbreaker.

One day, Silver Surfer came and revealed that their world was an illusion. He was trying to tell them all that Thanos was coming to destroy their planet. Bill believed him at first but the dream machine made him quickly forget.

Eventually Surfer was able to free Bill. Together the two used the machine to make Thanos believe that Lady Chaos became free of her stone prison.

Bill then led his people in rebuilding their society. However, Bill was unable to do anything as Thanos eventually reversed time destroying their planet and people before they could be made.


Bill was voiced by Karl Pruner.

This is the first version of the character.

In the Comics

Fought Thor for control of Mjolnir and won. Instead of giving him the hammer, Odin made Stormbreaker so that he had a similar set of powers.

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