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The bestials are genetic creations of High Evolutionary to be humanoid versions of animals.


On Earth, High Evolutionary created the New Men. However, he was forced off the planet by the X-Men, Magneto, Quicksilver, and Scarlet Witch.

Upon arriving on Counter-Earth, High Evolutionary founds that the humans there were just as warlike and dangerous. He created the bestials to be perfect. The bestials took over the planet and subjugated the humans to lower class citizens, most living in squalor. High Evolutionary ruled over the planet with the Knights of Wundagore as his personal enforcers. Humans formed the Human Resistance to fight them and were led by John Jameson. At some point Venom and Carnage came and began their own quest to take over the planet. The Earthling Spider-Man arrived and helped the Resistance fight the bestials, though no one ever knew if he was human or bestial.

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