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Real Name Bender
Alternate Identity Custodian
Powers and Abilities Time Travel
Allies Bishop

Bender is the custodian of the timeline.


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Bender in his disguise

When Apocalypse was kidnapping psychics to rule the timeline, Bender came across Bishop. Bender annoyed Bishop until he was able to help the X-Men stop Apocalypse.

When Bishop was gone, he morphed into his true self and disappeared.


Bender was voiced by Stephen Ouimette.

The form Bender takes is that of Immortus, the alternate time period self of Kang. However, no connection is made between the two and he goes by only the name of Bender.

This is the only version of Immortus, though not Kang, outside the comics besides a silhouette of him in Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow.

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