Ben Parker
Armored's uncle Ben.jpg
Real Name Ben Parker
Alternate Identity Uncle Ben
Allies Spider-Man
Family and Friends May Parker (Wife)
Peter Parker (Nephew)
Gwen Stacy (Future Niece-in-Law)

Ben Parker is the uncle to Spider-Man.

He is the alternate universe equivalent to the Ben Parker and the only known alternate universe version to still be alive.


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When Peter was a teenager, a burglar broke into his home but Peter managed to save him and thus never knew failure. Peter became a rich billionaire who had his own science center and robot. He went public with his identity and was beloved by the world.

When Spider-Carnage came to his universe to destroy it, Spider-Man found him. He used Ben to convince the other Peter to not seek revenge. Spider-Carnage sacrificed himself and Peter was able to say a proper good bye to Ben.


Ben Parker was voiced by Brian Keith like his main version.

Ironically, the comics Spider-Man would later enter an alternate universe where Ben was still alive, his identity was known, and he was well liked in the House of M storyline.

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