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Ben Parker
Uncle Ben Portrait.jpg
Real Name Ben Parker
Alternate Identity Uncle Ben
Allies Keane Marlow
Family and Friends May Parker (Wife)
Richard Parker (Brother)
Mary Parker (Sister-In-Law)
Peter Parker (Nephew)
Mary Jane Watson (Niece-In-Law)

Ben Parker is the man who, along with his wife May Parker, raised Peter Parker. His death prompted Peter into becoming the superhero Spider-Man.


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Ben had a younger brother named Richard. Ben married a woman named May while Richard married Mary.

Ben was friends with a man named Keane Marlow. Keane was actually a soldier in World War II and a member of the Six American Warriors and told Ben that "with great power comes great responsibility." He gave Ben his ring and a small statuette for safekeeping in case anyone should try to use Red Skull's doomsday weapon.

Eventually, Richard and Mary were killed so he and May took care of Peter. At one point, he took Peter to a summer camp where Dr. Otto Octavius was working. He constantly repeated Keane's line about power and responsibility to Peter.

When Peter was a teenager, a burglar broke into his home and killed him. Unbeknownst to him, Peter, having gained superpowers, selfishly let that same burglar go earlier that day.

Realizing his mistake, Peter dedicated the rest of his life to fighting crime. He constantly remembered his time with his uncle and what he taught him.

Alternate Versions

Spider-Carnage Universe

In the Spider-Carnage Universe, Ben had died as he did in this one. Eventually, May also died and was buried next to him.

May's death sent Peter into a depression and eventually bonded with a Carnage symbiote. Peter's memories of Ben were able to spur Peter into sacrificing himself to save an alternate dimension.

Spider-Man (Armored) Universe

In the Spider-Man (Armored) Universe, Peter managed to save Ben and thus never knew failure. Peter became a rich billionaire who had his own science center and robot. He went public with his identity and was beloved by the world.

When Spider-Carnage came to his universe to destroy it, Spider-Man found him. He used Ben to convince the other Peter to not seek revenge. Spider-Carnage sacrificed himself and Peter was able to say a proper good bye to Ben.


Ben Parker was voiced by Brian Keith in all appearances except for "Six Forgotten Warriors" where he was voiced by Christopher Daniel Barnes.

Ben is one of the few characters to have died and stayed dead including Walter Stark, Mysterio, Miranda Wilson, Hydro-Man, Hydro-Man (Clone), and Mary Jane Watson (Clone).

In the Comics

Was trained to be a military police officer.

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