Baron Zemo
Msh Zemo
Real Name Heinrich Zemo
Alternate Identity Baron Zemo
Team Affiliations Masters of Evil
Baron Zemo is from the Non MAU series, The Marvel Super Heroes.

Baron Heinrich Zemo is the leader of the Masters of Evil.


World War II

During World War II, Baron Zemo was part of the Nazi Party. Zemo wore a purple hood to conceal his identity in case any of his victims wanted revenge. During this time Zemo created his greatest weapon, Adhesive X, which was a super strong adhesive. Captain America was able to track Zemo to his laboratory and they fought. During their fight Captain America threw his shield at a vat of Adhesive X and it shattered. The Adhesive X then got over Baron Zemo's face and permanently bonded his mask to his face.

Modern day

Baron Zemo survived into the modern day and lived in a South American jungle where he was the ruler of a primitive tribe. Baron Zemo learned that Captain America was still alive and returned to America and formed the Masters of Evil. Zemo and the Masters of Evil then attacked the Avengers and covered New York City in Adhesive X. However, Captain America was secretly able to switch Zemo's canisters of Adhesive X with a dissolving agent and the Masters of Evil sprayed it all over the city which freed that were already stuck by Adhesive X. The Avengers defeated the Masters of Evil and Captain America fought Zemo. Baron Zemo realized he couldn't win and tried to escape. However, Thor used Mjolnir to create a vortex and sucked Zemo into it.

Baron Zemo returned to South America where he plotted his revenge against Captain America. Zemo hired several assassins that kidnapped Rick Jones and brought him to Zemo's lair in South America. Captain America followed the kidnappers which was part of Zemo's plan to lure Captain America into a trap. When Captain America fought Baron Zemo, Captain America used his shield to reflect the sun's light into Zemo's eyes. While Zemo was blinded by the sunlight he accidentally fired his laser gun at the rock wall behind him. The laser caused several rocks to break free and the fell on Zemo and killed him.


Baron Zemo was voiced by Gillie Fenwick.

First version of the character outside the comics.

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