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Baron Strucker appears in The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes voiced by Jim Ward. In the episode "Meet Captain America", Strucker was allied with Red Skull in his plot to use the creatures of Asgard against the Allied Forces. He fights Bucky Barnes, who tricks Baron Strucker into stabbing his sword into the generator.

Baron Strucker

In the episode "Iron Man is Born", he is shown as an inmate of the "Vault" when Nick Fury arrives to interrogate him about HYDRA's attack on the United Nations. The interrogation is interrupted when the Grim Reaper infiltrates the prison in a plot to free Baron Strucker. Strucker is freed by Grim Reaper who gives him his Satan Claw. Both Baron Strucker and Grim Reaper make it to one of the hovercars and take off. Nick Fury battles and defeats both of them, though not before the Baron is able to steal a portion of Fury's youth, graying his hair via the use of his Satan Claw.

During the episodes "The Breakout, Part One" and "The Breakout, Part Two", both Baron Strucker and Grim Reaper escape from the Vault and Baron Strucker becomes leader of HYDRA once more.

In the episode "Living Legend", Baron Heinrich Zemo (a former head of HYDRA as well as an inmate from the Raft) comes to reclaim the criminal organization as his own. Baron Strucker turns him away as Zemo finds out that Captain America is alive.

In the episode "The Widow's Sting", he is attacked by Hawkeye, Captain America and the Black Panther (who capture the Grim Reaper and Viper). The Black Widow battles and defeats Hawkeye, and Strucker tries to drain the life from Hawkeye via his Satan Claw. However, Black Widow shoots Strucker with the knockout ray on her gauntlets, saving Hawkeye. Black Widow and Baron Strucker (who is unaware that it was Widow who shot him as she stated that Black Panther knocked Baron Strucker out) are confronted by MODOC (who had promised them a powerful weapon). MODOC tells them that the weapon was a failure and returns the money that HYDRA paid them, but Strucker knew that he was lying after MODOC left.

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