Azari NAHT
Real Name Azari
Alternate Identity Black Panther
Powers and Abilities Electricity Generation and Manipulation
Enhanced Agility
Team Affiliations Avengers
Family and Friends Black Panther (Father)
Ororo Munroe (Mother)
Azari is from the Non MAU video Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow.

Azari is the son of Black Panther and Ororo Munroe and member of the Avengers.


Like his father he is extremely athletic. He can control electricity. Ultron killed his father, and presumably his mother, along with the other Avengers. He was taken by Iron Man to a secret hideout and was raised alongside James Rogers, Torunn, and Henry Pym, Jr.. Ultron attacked the hideout after Vision came there and the Iron Avengers were corrupted. He and the other children went to Ultra City to rescue Tony. They found Francis Barton and fled to the desert to recruit Hulk. He destroyed the Iron Black Panther after taking on his father's name. He fought Ultron but could not win. Eventually he and the other Avengers went back to Ultra City to destroy Ultron's robots.


Azari Stance NAHT

Azari is a mix between his father and mother with his abilities.

Azari inherited his father's abilities and properties. Like his father, he's able to blend in with shadows, use martial art skills and has great agility. Also, is able to climb and leap trees like an athletic cat. He has long panther-like claws on the tip of his fingers and has his father's feral instincts and the fierceness of a panther.

Azari has also inherited his mother's abilities. He displays the ability to generate electricity which he can manipulate and can form into a panther-shaped aura manifestation and even use as a shield. He can send a powerful beam of electricity and open doors which have an elecrical pass system. However, his powers can be negated by Torunn.

Azari wears a belt that can transform into a staff. Azari can use his staff with great skill. Also, Azari can send electricity through it and use it as a dangerous weapon.


Azari was voiced by Dempsey M. Pappion.

Azari was named after his great-grandfather Azzari. One version of that character was seen in Ultimate Avengers II.

Azari was the first to be redesigned into the final version. The rest of the characters followed suit.

Azari was designed to be like a cat in a human's body. That is why he always crouches rather than sits.

Azari's mother is not actually specified. But in the comics Black Panther was married to the X-Man Storm who could control electricity. It is implied that she is his mother. Though why he does not have her other powers over the weather is anyone's guess. This would also make him a mutant like his mother.

Like the other children, Azari was adapted into the comics.

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