Alternate Identity Avalanche
Powers and Abilities Creates Shockwaves
Team Affiliations Brotherhood of Mutants

Avalanche is a mutant and member of the Brotherhood of Mutants.


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Avalanche joined the Brotherhood of Mutants along with Pyro, Blob, and Rogue under the command of Mystique. While on a mission to steal an aircraft, they encountered Ms. Marvel who stole her powers and put the hero into a coma. However, Rogue could not handle Ms. Marvel's memories and ran away to join the X-Men.

Avalanche was brought by Pyro to Muir Island by Mystique who had a job for them. The duo decided to kidnap Dr. Adler for ransom, but it turned out that Adler was Mystique in disguise. When Mystique explained the real plan to Pyro, Avalanche wondered who Apocalypse was that had commanded Mystique.

The Brotherhood then tried to assassinate Senator Robert Kelly. They were stopped by the X-Men and Bishop.

Mystique tried to get Rogue back from the X-Men and the Brotherhood attacked the team. However they were once more defeated.

Alternate Version

In an alternate timeline, Avalanche and the Brotherhood of Mutants were successful in assassinating Robert Kelly. Unfortunately, this forced the government into expanding the Sentinel program which resulted in the takeover of the planet by the robots and genocide of the mutant race.


Avalanche was voiced by Rod Coneybeare.

First version of the character outside the comics.

In "The Cure", Avalanche does not know Mystique and Pyro explains her powers to him despite them working previously in "A Rogue's Tale". However, it could be that Avalanche, like Rogue, did not know that "Momma" was actually a mutant shapeshifter.

In the Comics

Avalanche's real name is Dominikos Ioannis Petrakis and is Greek.

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