Asteroid M
Asteroid M (XME).PNG
Real Name Asteroid M
Powers and Abilities Floating Rock
Allies Magneto
Asteroid M is from the Non MAU series X-Men: Evolution.

Asteroid M was a large floating rock that served as the base for the mutant Magneto.


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At some unknown point, Magneto formed Asteroid M. It is unknown whether this is an actual asteroid from space or simply a large rock and called it an asteroid.

Using the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak he managed to lift the rock so that it would float above the Earth. He used it as his base of operations for his takeover of the planet.

Magneto pitted his Brotherhood of Mutants against their rivals the X-Men. Whoever won would be taken in a large metal sphere to Asteroid M. If they were unwilling to join him he would capture them.

However, the rejected mutants gathered together and stormed the asteroid. They freed the captured X-Men and managed to destroy the asteroid. As it crashed, Cyclops and Havok used their enhanced powers to stop it from killing the teams.


Currently the last adapted version of Asteroid M.

In the Comics

Is an actual asteroid and floats in orbit.

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