Real Name Asgard
Allies Thor
Beta Ray Bill
Family and Friends Earth
Asgard is from the Non MAU video Planet Hulk.

Asgard is a realm inhabited by powerful creatures claiming to be Gods.

The history of Asgard is unknown.

Asgard is the homeland of Thor. He was given the mystical hammer named Mjolnir.

Bill Thor PH

The Super Friends

After some point, the creature known as Beta Ray Bill came to Asgard. He was given a similar sword named Stormbreaker. Bill and Thor became good friends. They even dressed themselves similarly.

Bill and Thor would often go to Earth where they would fight the forces of evil there. While Thor was powerful, Bill was equally and possibly more powerful.

Through other warriors Bill heard tales of Hulk, a powerful being from Earth whose power increases with his rage. While the two apparently never met, both were able to easily recognize the other.


When Beta Ray Bill talks of hearing about Hulk's rampage, the producers intended this to be a reference to Hulk's rampage through Asgard in Hulk vs Thor. Though there is no firm connection between the two videos, besides the animation model of Thor being reused.

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