Real Name En Sabah Nur
Alternate Identity Apocalypse
Powers and Abilities Extreme Strength
Extreme Durability
Energy Projection
Size Alteration
Apparent Immortality
Allies Horsemen of Apocalypse
Mister Sinister
Fabian Cortez
Graydon Creed Jr.

En Sabah Nur, also known as Apocalypse, is an extremely powerful and ancient mutant. His ultimate goal is to rule the entire planet.


Believed to be the very first mutant, Apocalypse has no known limitations to his power. Stating that he knows more of this world than we dared dream, his goal is to destroy the current world so a new world could be created in its place, in his image.

To do this, he created a device which would turn mutants into his slaves, or as he dubbed them, Horsemen. After turning Angel into a Horseman, Rogue absorbed the evil from him, creating a powerful enemy in Angel, hell-bent on destroying Apocalypse.

After several unsuccessful attempts to create his own world, centuries later, he realized that the battle of good vs. evil could never be won. With his newfound power, time travel, he attempted to go back into the past and eliminate all psychics, the only beings on earth who had the power to defeat him. After his plan to kill the psychics failed, they joined forces and banished him to the astral plane.

He demanded one of his acolytes, Fabian Cortez find him a new, mutant body in which he could use a vessel to return to Earth in. After Cortez failed to find one, Apocalypse used Cortez’s own body and returned to Earth to continue his mad dream.


Apocalypse was voiced by John Colicos in all but his final appearance where he was voiced by James Blendick.

First version of the character.

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