Andros Stark
Andros Stark.PNG
Real Name Andros Stark
Alternate Identity Iron Man
Powers and Abilities Iron Man Armor (2099)
Justin Hammer
Family and Friends Tony Stark (Grandfather)
Andros Stark is from the Non MAU series Iron Man: Armored Adventures.

Andros Stark is the grandson of Tony Stark. He went back in time from the year 2099 to protect the future.


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The history of Andros is unknown. At some point, he gained an advanced armor.

At one point, his world was nearly wiped out of the time stream. He tracked down the source of the problem and went back in time to stop it.

While in the past, Justin Hammer convinced Andros that it was his grandfather, Tony, who was responsible.

He battled his grandfather and killed him.

Hawkeye used an arrow to infect Andros' armor. He then realized that the problem with the timeline was due to him, not his grandfather.

He went back in time to stop himself and save his grandfather. He apologized to his grandfather then asked JARVIS if his timeline was fine. Once reassured, he returned to his own time.


Although there is a 2099 Universe, there is no Iron Man in that future. Andros Stark is from a world taking place in 2093.

Andros' mission is similar to Cable's from the X-Men episodes "Time Fugitives, Part One" and "Time Fugitives, Part Two", with both heroes feeling they must help the enemy in order to preserve their time just to find another way.

In the Comics

Andros was a psychotic madman who had set up a weapons platform in Earth's orbit to eliminate the world's population if his demands were not met.

Iron Man and Doctor Doom were sent to the year 2093 to fight Andros by a reborn King Arthur and Merlin. Tony used Excalibur (the legendary sword not mutant team) to defeat him.

Andros was the first criminal that world had in decades.

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