An-Sara Spike Rain PH
An-Sara under attack by the Spikes
Real Name An-Sara
Allies Prophet Rock
Family and Friends Churick (Governor)
An-Sara is from the Non MAU video Planet Hulk.

An-Sara is a region on the planet Sakaar.


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An-Sara is located near Prophet Rock.

Just before the Spike Wars it was the home of Caiera and her family. They were the first to be attacked and she was forced to kill her mother, sister and father. Most everyone was infected but were killed when Red Prince arrived with the Death's Head Guards. They rescued Caiera and she joined them.

When Hulk and the Warbound were growing in popularity An-Sara was under the reign of Governor Churik. After Beta Ray Bill freed the gladiators the Warbound followed Elloe Kaifi to An-Sara to meet with Churik, who she thought was loyal to the resistance against Red King. However, Miek found he was betraying them to Red King and killed Churik.

Red King then sent a ship of Spikes to An-Sara so they would infect the Hulk. Caiera and Hulk made their way there and helped the Warbound rescue civilians. Red King then dropped a fire bomb on the city destroying all living creatures out in the open except for Hulk and Caiera.

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