Amelia Voght
Real Name Amelia Voght
Powers and Abilities Turn into Mist
Team Affiliations Acolytes
Allies Charles Xavier
Mister Sinister

Amelia Voght is a mutant and member of the Acolytes.


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Years ago, when Charles Xavier went to India to undergo rehabilitation for his paralysis, he met and became romantically involved with Amelia, who was his nurse. After his rehabilitation was complete, Charles returned to America with Amelia and formed the X-Men. In the longterm however, Charles's devotion to his work drove Amelia away from him.

Amelia would resurface as part of the Acolytes, and took refuge in Magneto's Asteroid M. When Xavier, Beast and Gambit were framed of Magneto's murder by Fabian Cortez, Amelia found the truth and helped the X-Men.

After the fall of Asteroid M, Amelia went back to work as a nurse. She also helped Beast, Forge, Mister Sinister, Magneto, and Warlock against the Phalanx.


Amelia was voiced by Susan Roman.

Currently the only animated version of the character.

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