Amanda Sefton
Amanda Sefton XME
Real Name Amanda Sefton
Team Affiliations Bayville High School
Family and Friends Margali Sefton (Mother)
Kurt Wagner (Boyfriend)
Amanda Sefton is from the Non MAU series X-Men: Evolution.

Amanda Sefton is a student at Bayville High School and the girlfriend of the X-Man Kurt Wagner


Physical Therapy
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Little is known about the early life of Amanda.

She began attending Bayville High School and developed a crush on fellow student Kurt Wagner. She hid her feelings for months as she was too shy to do anything about it.

Once she saw him do something with his watch that revealed he was actually a blue elf-like person. She asked him to be her date for an upcoming dance regardless of his appearance.

They began dating seriously and she tried to introduce him to her parents. However, another student, Toad, took his watch revealing his true self. Her parents didn't want her dating a mutant. She did not care about what he was and continued dating him.


Amanda Sefton was voiced by Moneca Stori.

First speaking appearance of the character. Amanda Sefton appeared in X-Men's "Nightcrawler" in a non-speaking cameo.

In the Comics

Is Caucasian not African/Romany.

Her real name is Jimaine Szardos. She has also gone by the names Daytripper and is the second Magik, after Colossus's sister.

Her and her mother are witches.

Has joined the X-Men.

In addition to being lovers, Nightcrawler is her adoptive brother.

Her mother attacked the X-Men believing that Nightcrawler killed her son, and Amanda/Jimaine's brother. Amanda had already been dating Kurt and convinced her mother to let him live.

Got a sword from Shadowcat and was tricked into giving it to her mother.

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