Real Name Alpha
Powers and Abilities Psychic
Allies X-Men

Alpha is a psychic mutant.


Little is known about Alpha.

He was captured by Apocalypse along with several other psychic mutants and was freed by the X-Men.


Alpha was unnamed and unvoiced.

Currently the only version outside the comics.

In the Comics

He is known as Alpha the Ultimate Mutant.

He was created by Magneto after the Avengers imprisoned the Master of Magnetism in the center of the Earth. Professor X sensed Alpha's creation and sent the Defenders to stop it.

His first action was to attack the United Nations along with Magneto. During the attack, he turned Hulk into a statue and spun Nighthawk in the air until he lost consciousness.

He eventually gained enough power to read the mind of the Brotherhood of Mutants and the Defenders to determine which was actually evil. He reverted the Brotherhood to the mentality of infants, repaired the United Nations, and then turned into a streak of light to explore the galaxy.

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