Alicia Masters
Alicia Masters.jpg
Real Name Alicia Masters
Allies Matt Murdock
Silver Surfer
Family and Friends Puppet Master (Step-Father)
Ben Grimm (Boyfriend)
Reed Richards
Sue Richards
Johnny Storm

Alicia Masters is a blind woman who is the girlfriend of Ben Grimm and friend to the Fantastic Four.


Alicia was the blind step-daughter of Puppet Master, who was unaware of her step-father's criminal activities. She works as a sculpture.

When her step-father brought the mind-controlled Thing home, she felt a deep sadness in the rocky hero. Being blind, she also noticed Sue's presence. Puppet Master captured Sue and had Alica dress up like her. Alicia and Ben went to Baxter Building, where Ben attacked Reed and Johnny until Reed used a formula to turn Ben back into human form, undoing Puppet Master's control over him. When the short-lived formula lost effect, she was happier to notice he was the same noble man she had met earlier.

Later, back at home, Alicia found her step-father with a special puppet that would make him ruler of the world. However, he accidentally fell out of the window and disappeared. He was never seen again.

Alicia remained in contact with the Fantastic Four, as Ben's girlfriend. When Silver Surfer came to Earth, he met Alicia and learned the value of humanity. When Doctor Doom caused the four to lose their powers, she had Ben contact Matt Murdock to help protect them against their enemies.


Alicia was voiced by Pauline Lomas.

In the Comics

The Skrull Lyja imitated Alicia at some point. After Thing stayed on the alien planet following the Secret Wars, "Alicia" fell for Johnny and the two married. Thing returned for the wedding and it was discovered that Alicia was Lyja.

She fell in love with Silver Surfer and traveled the cosmos with him in an armored suit.

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