Algrim TTA
Real Name Algrim
Powers and Abilities Elderstahl
Team Affiliations Dark Elves
Allies Thor
Family and Friends Unnamed Wife and Children
Algrim is from the Yost Universe video Thor: Tales of Asgard.

Algrim was the last living dark elf. After the death of his people he moved to Asgard to become the advisor to King Odin becoming a good friend to the princes Thor and Loki. His corruption became a defining moment in the lives of both boys.


Early Life

Little is known about the early life of Algrim.

Svartalfheim Painting TTA

He lived in Svartalfheim with the rest of the dark elves. Another elf named Malekith, known as the Accursed and Master of the Hounds, became infamous and was distrusted by his own people.

Algrim met a woman, married her, and had several children at least two being boys.


For reasons unknown, the dark elves and Frost Giants of Jotunheim began fighting a war with each other. Fearing they would lose, the elves went to Odin, king of Asgard, asking for his help. However, he refused.

Knowing that they needed a greater power, the elves made a deal with the fire demon Surtur. The fire demon went to the frozen wasteland with his sword, Elderstahl. He intended to kill all the Jotuns in his path to take over the Nine Worlds of Asgard. The elves were unaware of Surtur's true plan.

Surtur Jotunheim TTA

Odin of Asgard found out about the deal. He went to Jotunheim with Gungnir to fight the demon. The two had a spectacular battle that ended with Surtur's apparent demise. The sword was lost somewhere in the wastelands.

The story of the battle became legend. As a test, many young men sought adventure by trying to find the sword but none ever found it. Over time, the test was stopped.

Realizing the lengths the elves would go to win the war, the Jotuns then planned to kill each and every last dark elf. They formed glaciers and sent them across Yggdrasill. The glaciers destroyed the land and killed all the elves including his wife, children, and Malekith.

New Life

Algrim Svartalfheim Painting TTA

Through means unknown, Algrim alone was spared. With nothing left of his realm, Algrim became the advisor to Odin and lived in the Asgardian Palace. He had a small room with a balcony overlooking the kingdom. In his room, he kept a painting of his home realm before its destruction.

Algrim bore no ill will towards Odin's decision to stop Surtur. He knew the Jotuns were alone in the destruction of his people and home. However, deep down Algrim did hold some resentment towards Odin and Asgard since he destroyed the last hope of his people to win the war.

Algrim Misses Family TTA

The last elf helped Odin to raise his two sons, Thor and Loki, likely to make up for his deceased sons. He watched as Thor grew up becoming self-centered and egotistical while Loki became overly mischievous.

As he grew older, Thor began arguing with Odin more and more. Algrim comforted him after every fight becoming a good friend to the boy.

While Asgard had their own problems with Jotunheim, the two realms did have an uneasy truce.


Throne Room Meeting TTA

At one point, Brunhilde began leading the Valkyries, a group of women warriors, and became a problem to Asgard. Odin sent spies but they were not heard from.

Algrim was there as a warrior named Skala appeared in the throne room to tell Odin that the Valkyries established a training camp on a branch of Yggdrasill west of Svartalfheim.

Without warning, Thor burst into the room following his training with the Einherjar. Odin held up his hand telling him to wait.

Skala resumed saying that he sent a scout out who failed to return. He explained that the scout followed Brunhilde after he had met with Lady Sif, the object of Thor's affection.

Algrim Ends Meeting TTA

Odin noted that Sif met with Brunhilde then ended the day's council. Algrim followed the men as they left the chamber. Thor watched them go.

Algrim knew that Thor and his father were fighting again. He decided to follow the boy. When he emerged, Thor went to the armory so Algrim went to meet him.


Thor entered and looked around at Gungnir and Mjolnir. Algrim hid behind a column near the Destroyer armor.

Knowing the advisor was there, Thor told him to come out. Algrim was impressed that he could find him in the shadows. He claimed that not many could. Thor then admitted that he could not either.

Thor Tries New Sword TTA

Thor walked to the other side noting that Algrim always checked on him after a fight with his father. He went to a sword and lifted it up. He swung it around trying it out.

Algrim explained that he usually checked up on Thor because he often did something foolish. Thor admitted that most of the time he let himself get talked out of it, but claimed he would not this time.

Algrim Tries To Stop Thor TTA

Algrim went to him wondering where Thor was going that he would need a sword. Thor sheathed the sword telling him that there was a test for young warriors, a secret quest.

The elf followed Thor as they went over to Gungnir. Algrim told him he knew of the test. Thor claimed that no one had ever died while on this quest.

Algrim noted that this was because the ojbect could not be found. Thor turned to his friend noting that the search for Elderstahl was in looking for the weapon rather than finding it.

Algrim Warns About Treaty TTA

He then explained that going on the quest would be trespassing in Jotunheim. However, Thor was glad to do it. Algrim walked up to the boy saying that the truce with the Jotuns was fragile therefore he must not be found.

Thor began walking away insulting the Jotuns. He quickly stopped and apologized realizing he brought up bad memories for Algrim. He turned back and apologized.

Algrim forgave him. He went on to say that his people were an example of how dangerous the Jotuns could be.

Thor told him he would be careful. He then asked if this could stay between just the two of them. Algrim said he would keep it quiet for as long as he could.

Algrim Alone Armory TTA

Thor felt he was a good friend and left leaving Algrim alone.

Evening Talk

That night, Algrim returned to his room and began reading a book.

Odin Missing Thor Loki TTA

Odin entered holding a candle. Algrim wondered what was wrong. Odin explained that he was looking for his sons.

Upholding his promise to Thor, Algrim claimed that he had not seen either boy for some time. He went on to say that it was not uncommon for them to leave their rooms at night.

Algrim walked over to the king wondering if there was any cause for concern. Odin set down the candle saying that he and his son had an argument. Algrim reminded him that boys do argue when they near adulthood.

Odin walked over to the balcony saying that Thor was not yet an adult and may do something foolish. Algrim followed as Odin went outside and leaned on the railing.

Odin wondered why he, the "All Father," should have trouble raising two boys. Algrim noted that they were not average boys.

Algrim Speaks Of Children TTA

The king asked if he was a good father then asked if he was protecting the two boys too much. Algrim held back tears as he claimed that had his sons came of age keeping them too close would have driven them away.

Algrim explained that some lessons needed to be experienced, and that perhaps that was what Odin should do. Odin put his hand on the elf's shoulder saying that his advice was always nice and appreciated.

Algrim Asgard TTA

Algrim watched as Odin left. Algrim turned back to the railing and looked out over Asgard.

Thor Found

The following day, Odin was worried about his sons but still had business to attend to.

A man came to him demanding to speak to the king. He spoke of Thor and Loki and the Warriors Three: Fandral, Volstagg, and Hogun. Algrim agreed to let him see Odin.

He knocked on the door and the guards opened the door. Algrim entered and approached Odin.

Algrim Handles Bartender TTA

The advisor told the king that a visitor from the outer realm asked to see Odin. Odin ordered Algrim to deal with it. The elf retorted that he tried but the matter concerned Thor and Loki.

Odin looked up and told the visitor to enter. The guards let the man in, who held something wrapped in cloth. As he approached the king he was followed by two guards.

Odin asked him what the man wanted. The man explained he was seeking payment for his destroyed pub and inn. Odin asked why he should care about the man's belongings.

Bartender Approaches Odin TTA

The man claimed that Odin's two sons were responsible. Hearing this, Odin grew angry and gripped his throne so hard it cracked.

The man held up the object saying that one of the boys left it behind. He then slammed the object into the ground and the cloth fell away.

The room saw that it was a sword from the armory, the same that Thor took with him. Odin was shocked to find out what his sons had been up to.

Another War

Later, Odin stood at a window wondering what to do about his sons. Algrim stood behind him waiting to advise. Suddenly, snow began to fall.

Odin Prepares For War TTA

He told Algrim that there was a chill in the air that was familiar. Algrim stated he would prepare his chariot. The elf bowed and left.

As he readied the chariot and rams, the Jotun army stormed through a rocky valley freezing it. The army was left by the Jotun king Thrym and his son Geirmarr. The Asgardian army prepared for the siege.

Odin went out to meet the Jotun king and discuss their realm's relationship. Algrim watched as more of the army appeared.

Odin Enters Palace TTA

The king returned and entered his palace. He took off his helmet and Algrim walked up to him.

He told the king that the Jotuns continued to gather. Odin explained that they were waiting the meeting of their terms.

Algrim asked what those were. Odin responded that he was to give them Elderstahl before sunrise.

Algrim then realized that Thor actually found the sword of Surtur. Odin explained that two guards were killed by Thor wielding the sword.

They then entered the throne room. Algrim told him that they must find the boys before the Jotuns do. He offers to take the Einherjar to find them. Odin wondered how Algrim would find them when they could be anywhere.

Algrim Shows Yggdrasill Map TTA

Algrim then opened a map of Yggdrasill. He explained that the only guards in the Northern part of Jotunheim would be by the bridge to Svartalfheim. He knew they would have to pass his destroyed realm in order to return to Asgard.

Odin was shocked that his advisor would go back to Svartalfheim. Algrim claimed he would do it for the boys.

Algrim Odin Shake Hands TTA

Odin said that his selfless actions would be rewarded. He held out his hand and Algrim took it. The two stared at each other smiling.

Return Home

Algrim joined the Einherjar, led by Ander, and together the group went to Svartalfheim on horses. Algrim led the way with Ander while the rest of the guards followed.

Algrim Svartalfheim TTA

Upon entering the realm, Ander looked around and asked why nothing grew. Algrim explained that it was because of King Thryme. Ander thought that the war had ended in Jotunheim. Algrim said it did, but the killing did not.

A dusty wind blew across the path.

Algrim explained how the Jotuns sent glaciers across Yggdrasill to destroy the land, making sure nothing would ever grow again.

Algrim Apologizes To Ander TTA

Sensing his anguish, Ander reminded him that they were on a difficult mission. Algrim apologized.

The elf stated that the boy would need water in order to cross. He told them he was leading them to the only source.

The group neared the only watering hole left in the real. They saw some Pegasus drinking from the water, but they stopped and fled at the approaching horses.

The group stopped and all dismounted. They took out the swords and Ander led the way forward. He told them to search the area and the Einherjar spread out.

Just then the Einherjar's helmets fell down over their eyes. They lifted them up and saw Thor, Loki, Sif, Volstagg, Fandral, and Hogun waiting for them.

Thor welcomed Ander, his trainer, and they all stepped down. Thor approached Ander and the two shook hands.

Volstagg joked that the Warriors Three were not qualified to train with the Einherjar. The three laughed, though Sif maintained her serious look.

Algrim Sees Elderstahl TTA

Algrim approached Thor saying how glad he was to see the two boys alive. Thor said he was also glad to see a friendly face. He looked down and saw the legendary sword on Thor's belt.

Loki asked how the Einherjar found them. Algrim told them that the Jotuns threatened Asgard with war. Thor realized that it was because of him.

Loki tried to explain to him that it was merely an accident. Algrim said that it did not matter because the Jotuns wanted the sword as payment.

Thor grasped the sword saying that it was only a tool of death and could not be handed over. Algrim told him that Odin agreed, explaining that was the reason they were there.

Algrim Asks For Elderstahl TTA

Algrim then offered to take the sword so that Thor would no longer have to carry it. Thor agreed, saying it was pure evil.

Thor extended the weapon out to Algrim. The elf hesitated for a moment then took the sword.


Though he did not realize it, Elderstahl corrupts anyone who wields it. Whether he was able to stop it or not, the sword sensed Algrim's long buried anger at Odin.

Algrim looked down at the sword and turned. He claimed that it was the Jotuns who were evil. He walked away from the group mumbling about the things that the Jotuns did to his people.

Algrim Being Corrupted TTA

Thor got confused and called out his friend. Algrim talked about how even though the weapon now causes grief, it was once a source of hope.

Thor approached him saying that they should leave the place, fearing that being in the realm disturbed Algrim.

Algrim Explains Odin Refusal TTA

Algrim ignored him saying that the elves had gone to Odin first. Because the Asgardian refused, the elves was forced to ask for Surtur's help. He went on saying that Odin only joined the war to stop Surtur.

He explained that killing Surtur meant death for his people. Thor called out to Algrim once more. The elf said that he realized why he alone lived.

He lifted the sword and grabbed the handle. He claimed that he was to avenge the elves and punish those responsible. He quickly unsheathed the sword and swung it around.

Algrim Fires Elderstahl TTA

He fired it and Ander leaped up. The blast obliterated all the Einherjar with a mighty blaze. Thor cried out in horror.

Algrim looked up to see Ander in the air coming towards him. The Einherjar leader threw his sword and cut Algrim across the cheek.

Without looking, Algrim fired the sword and obliterated Ander. He turned to blast the remaining Asgardians. However, they dodged out of the way.

Algrim Searches For Thor TTA

Algrim looked up with his cheek bleeding. He proceeded forward into the steam. He went forward and saw three of the Pegasus drinking. He looked around and saw nothing.

Algrim Corrupted TTA

He sheathed the sword and mounted one of the Pegasus. He called out saying that if any of them returned to Asgard he would kill them.

The Pegasus flew up and Algrim rode it back to Asgard. He flew over the Jotun king and prince as he returned to the kingdom.

Long-Awaited Revenge

Algrim landed outside the armory and dismounted. He entered and waited for Odin to enter.

Algrim Surprises Odin TTA

Soon enough, the king came inside. He saw the Pegasus and called out to his advisor. Algrim pulled out the sword and blasted Odin smashing him back into a wall.

Algrim walked over and saw the king. He lay in debris of the armory, his armor badly damaged and one of his eyes would not open. He looked up at the elf asking why.

Gungnir Flies TTA

Algrim told him he should already know. Odin asked him if he still blamed him for the death of the elves. He then called Gungnir to him and it floated over. He grabbed the weapon and stood.

The elf stepped forward and charged the sword. He claimed that Odin could have defeated the giants. The king responds that the war could not have been won even if he sacrificed every life in Asgard.

Algrim Hates Odin TTA

Algrim claimed he was wrong and fired the sword. Odin spun his spear around protecting him. The king raised his hand forming a great storm over the palace.

Lightning fired down into the armory. The strike blinded Algrim and when he recovered he looked around for Odin. He claimed that the elves did know how to win.

Just then the enormous figure of Odin appeared behind him. The All Father explained that Surtur was a demon looking only to conquer Jotunheim.

Odin Tortures Algrim TTA

Then, many faces of the king of various size appear throughout the chamber. They tell Algrim that the demon would not have stopped in that realm until all nine were his.

Algrim looked around in shock. He then fired through the faces hitting Odin pushing him back. Odin slammed through floors and walls until he finally stopped.

Algrim stood over him staring at him through the smoke. Odin struggled to stand. He told his former advisor that the elves risked all nine realms asking for Surtur's help.

Algrim Charges Elderstahl TTA

Algrim noted that the Asgardians were still alive. He leaped and charged the sword.

Odin leaped into the air with Gungnir also charged. They met and the force of their weapons caused an enormous explosion. The palace was engulfed in the blast.

Algrim Defeats Odin TTA

When the dust settled, Algrim saw Odin weakly reach out for Gungnir down below him. The king looked up seeing sunlight, knowing that the time had passed and the Jotuns would begin their attack.

The two then resumed their battle. However, Odin was still overpowered by the combined anger of Algrim and might of Elderstahl.

Algrim Smoke TTA

After some fighting, Odin fell through the ceiling and crashed to the floor. Algrim waved Elderstahl to clear the smoke and dust.

Odin claimed that Algrim would gain nothing. However, despite his struggles his hand collapsed.

Algrim walked over to him and stood over the king. He said that it was enough that war was brought to Odin's door. He took delight that Asgard would fall despite Odin's efforts to protect it.

Algrim Swings Elderstahl TTA

The elf lifted the sword once more. Odin could do nothing but look out. As Algrim was about to bring it down, Odin closed his eyes preparing for death.

Friends Turned Enemies

Algrim Attack Stopped TTA

His attack was stopped by Thor, who was wielding Gungnir. The blow caused sparks to fly around. Thor pushed Algrim back and prepared the charged spear for battle.

He told the elf that the Elderstahl would kill no one else. Algrim told him that he would kill all in the House of Odin. Algrim fired but Thor protected himself.

Loki, also in the armory, went over to Odin and cradled his father in his arms.

Thor Blasts Algrim TTA

Thor fired at Algrim forcing him back into the far wall. Algrim hit the wall then crashed to the ground. Thor walked forward through the flames with the spear ready.

Algrim stood and scowled at Thor. He raised the sword up. Thor was shocked when all the flames in the room dissipated as they moved towards the sword.

Algrim Sheathes Elderstahl TTA

The two were left in total darkness save for the sword and spear. Algrim then sheathed the sword sending himself into complete darkness.

Thor lit up Gungnir casting the area in a blue glow. Because of this, Algrim could see Thor just fine. But the light did not stretch far enough for Thor to find Algrim.

Algrim Surprises Thor TTA

Algrim snuck behind him and pulled out the sword. He took a swipe at Thor. He fired at the boy who dodged to the side.

The room was bathed in the light of their weapons.

Algrim once again sheathed the sword and disappeared. Thor looked around waving Gungnir but could not find his dark-skinned friend.

Algrim Behind Thor TTA

Algrim once again got behind him and took another swipe. Thor fired Gungnir but Algrim disappeared. Back in darkness, Thor looked around but saw no one.

Algrim Sneaks Behind Thor TTA

Thor stopped and stood tall, putting the spear on his shoulder and closing his eyes. Algrim ran around behind him but Thor heard the footsteps.

The boy turned and threw the spear. Algrim was hit and pinned to the wall. He dropped the partly unsheathed Elderstahl and it fell to the ground.


Algrim Damaged TTA

Algrim struggled to look up and saw Thor approaching. The boy grabbed the spear and pulled it out. Algrim dropped to the ground and collapsed.

He told his former friend that he could not forgive him for what he had done. He grabbed the spear with both hands and readied it. Algrim stared at the one who defeated him.

Thor Defeats Algrim TTA

Thor told him that he would not forget all the years that Algrim was his friend and family. He dropped the spear. However, Algrim still scowled at him.

Just then, Loki cried out and Elderstahl blasted behind Thor.

Algrim Skeleton TTA

The blast from Eldersthal hit Algrim. The flesh on his body was blasted off. His skeleton was then obliterated, removing any and all trace of him.

Soon after, Thor took Elderstahl and gave it to Thrym. The Jotuns relented and returned to Jotunheim, though they would still threaten Asgard. Thor and Odin made up, though their problems continued for years. Loki's use of Elderstahl started him on a path that eventually turned him against and made him an enemy of Asgard, particularly Thor.

An adult Loki resurrected Malekith who found the Casket of Ancient Winters, thus returning as the last remaining dark elf. He was defeated by a grown Thor along with his allies Iron Man and Black Panther.

Powers and Abilities

Algrim Shadows TTA

Algrim has no inherent powers to speak of. His dark skin makes him difficult to see in dark areas and at night.

Algrim Elderstahl TTA

The only powers he was able to attain where derived from Elderstahl. The sword of Surtur granted him incredible power. His strength was vastly increased and he was able to conjure incredibly strong blasts of fire. He also had some control over fire and was able to eliminate light. The sword made him powerful enough to nearly kill Odin and Thor who both wielded Gungnir.

Centuries later, Thor told his teammate Iron Man that Malekith and all dark elves were vulnerable to iron in addition to other various metals. While Algrim showed no pain with any metal, he likely had a similar weakness.


Algrim Explains Svartalfheim TTA

Algrim was normally a calm and reserved person. He was quite wise and willing to offer whatever help he could. He was easy to get along with. Algrim guided Odin's children through their early lives. He was always there for Thor after a fight with his father. Odin always thanked the elf for his advice. In fact, he became so close with the House of Odin that he was treated like family.

Algrim Evil TTA

His calm demeanor hid the fact that Algrim resented Odin. He felt Odin should have helped his people but chose not to. Algrim seemed to try to get over it and forgive him. However, Elderstahl brought up all those feelings of resentment. It convinced Algrim that he could get his revenge on both Odin and the Jotuns. Algrim turned on his former allies and nearly killed them.



Algrim Odin Advisor TTA

Despite the problems between Odin and Algrim that brought them together, the two became very close. Algrim tried to forgive him and seemed to move on, though the feelings of resentment were still there. Algrim gave him years of sound advice and Odin came to depend on him. Odin was completely caught off guard by Algrim's betrayal as the two were good friends.


Thor Wants Quest TTA

Algrim practically raised Thor alongside Odin. He was always there for the boy and practically became family. The elf was always there to comfort him when he needed it, and seemed to be one of the few who did not patronize him. Thor could always turn to him when he could not go to anyone else and confided in him above all others. While Thor was hurt by Algrim's betrayal, he understood the corrupting powers of Elderstahl and was willing to forgive him enough to live.


Algrim was voiced by Ron Halder.

Algrim Killer TTA

The first, and currently only, animated version of the character. It is also currently the only time Algrim is seen outside the comics without being Kurse.

In the Comics

Algrim was a follower of Malekith. However, Malekith convinced Algrim to battle Thor and betrayed him. He was sent into lava though saved by his armor.

He developed amnesia but knew he wanted revenge on Thor. Beyonder turned him into the villain Kurse who had twice the strength of Thor.

He battled Beta Ray Bill.

Thor convinced the Beyonder to send Kurse to Hel to annoy Hela.

He killed Malekith earning the trust of the Asgardians. It was then that he began serving them.

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