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Age of Apocalypse
Real Name Age of Apocalypse
Family and Friends Days of Future Past
Legacy Virus Future

The Age of Apocalypse is an alternate timeline created by Charles Xavier's death.


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In the year 1959, time travelers Fitzroy and Nimrod cause an explosion that kills Xavier while he was at college.

Without Xavier's inspiration of pacific co-existence between humans and mutants, in present day Earth has become a battlefield. Magneto formed the X-Men against the Avengers who are tasked with finding and hunting them down.

Bishop and Shard appeared from their own dystopian future and took Wolverine and Storm into the past.

This timeline was erased when the four prevented Xavier's death. Xavier's memories of the two mutants, who eventually became his X-Men, are the only remnants of this timeline.


First version of the universe outside the comics.

The timeline was unnamed.

While Apocalypse is shown apparently ruling over various timelines, he is not shown in this timeline.

Instead of "human vs mutant", the conflict is "opressive mutants vs peace-seeking mutants".

Marvel Database lists this as Earth-95099 in the Marvel Multiverse.

In the Comics

Besides Xavier's death in the past, Apocalypse awakens earlier than in the main timeline and takes over the United States (hence the name "Age of Apocalypse). Magneto forms the X-Men to honor Charles' memory.

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